Will My Workers’ Compensation Cover Dental Visits?

A most unwanted and unpleasant injuries to experience while on the job is a mouth injury. Injuries to your teeth can create moderately uncomfortable to painful side effects. If you have incurred a tooth loss as the result of a work-related accident, you should contact a dental implant expert. If you find your dental injury to be an emergency, call … Read More

Feeling Safe As A Professional Soccer Player

Feeling safe playing on a professional soccer team in America, whether it's in Major League Soccer of the NASL, can be difficult for some players. Those players who are gay may feel uncomfortable on a team because of the dominance of heterosexuality in the locker room. That's why it's so important for players, clubs, and entire soccer communities … Read More

Does Your Workers Compensation Plan Cover Dermatologist Visits?

One of the most unforgiving and unwanted injuries to contract while on the job is a skin condition. Injuries to your skin can create unpleasant side effects for you. If you think that you have been affected by a skin condition as the result of a work-related injury, you should contact a Washington, DC area dermatologist. Skin conditions can affect … Read More

How To Set Your Boss Up For A Lawsuit – 4 Humorous Tips

Dislike your boss? You may be wondering how to set your boss up for a lawsuit. Well here are a few steps for how to set your boss up for a lawsuit, and also get a few laughs along the way. Maybe you are dealing with a Top 5 Legal Issues in the Workplace, or maybe you just have a terrible boss. Whatever your reasoning may be for wanting to see your … Read More

Heavy Lifting In the Workplace

Workers' compensation for back injury typically results due to improperly lifting heavy items.  In fact, overexertion is the leading culprit of worker’s compensation claims, which obviously hurts both the company and the injured employee. Thankfully, a few simple, but safe practices involving heavy lifting in the workplace can help to prevent these … Read More

Top 3 Healthy Vending Machine Options At Your Workplace

For all daily tempted dieters out there getting those mid-workday hunger pangs, believe it or not, healthy vending machine options do exist! Whether you’re drooling on the glass of the average workplace vending machine, or perhaps, looking for a more health-conscientious machine upgrade for your office, we have a few tips to guide your healthy … Read More

Do I Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you get hurt on the job, a workers’ compensation attorney will be able to pursue compensation on your behalf and make sure your rights are being upheld, as well as advising about third-party liabilities. Let’s take a Baltimore vending machine delivery driver for example. Delivery drivers are at a high risk for injury in their line of work. … Read More

Eye Injuries In The Workplace

Injuries to the eye, when serious, are arguably more harmful than almost any other injury a person can suffer. For most of us, vision is our greatest asset. 2,000 people suffer eye injuries at work per day in The United States - and those are just the injuries that require medical treatment. Statistics show that between 10 and 20 percent of … Read More

5 Reasons Your Workplace May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

When it comes to your health and safety, you should know that you don’t have to work in an environment that inherently lends itself to danger to be subject to on-the-job injuries. Everyday offices can be just as accident prone! While many offices portray a focus on employee health and safety, some incidents are just tough to avoid. The top five … Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — What You Need to Know

It takes time to notice that there is anything wrong at all. At first most of your dominant hand simply feels numb. At the beginning you likely only feel it as you wake up. Perhaps it’s just “asleep.” You give it a shake and get on with the day, and after an hour or two it’s gone again. But then you start noticing it more frequently. It happens … Read More

How to Find Treatment after Your Injuries

When illness or injury strike, finding the care you need is important, but it may not always be straightforward. Depending on your insurance provider, the source of your injury, and your location, your options for finding a qualified medical professional-- be they an asthma doctor in Washington DC or an orthopedic surgeon in Newark, DC-- may be … Read More

Eating Healthy

Staying safe is about more than simply avoiding dangerous places and situations. There are certain dangers that cannot be avoided by wearing a seat belt and persistent vigilance. Among the most dangerous, and alarmingly the most ignored, in The United States are habits. Smoking, excessive drinking, and healthy eating can cause severe health issues … Read More

Keeping Up With Technology

Technology is expanding faster than it ever has before -- useful inventions come along one day and in a decade can become obsolete as they are replaced with something even more efficient and convenient. If you run a small business or plan to in the future, you will want to make sure you are always keeping up to date with modern technology. … Read More

When Tensions Are High

There are many qualities about work that can make or break the job for you. Whether or not you enjoy the work, and presence of pressing deadlines are big factors, but there is another that is just as important: your coworkers. The issue with coworkers is, unless you own a business or run a branch, you don’t get to choose the people you work with. … Read More

A Short History of Asbestos

Today, asbestos is notorious for its known link to a cancer of the lungs known as asbestos cancer, or ‘mesothelioma’. Thousands of workers have been affected by asbestos in the United States in the construction of offices, industrial buildings, ships and factories. But why is asbestos illness still so prevalent, even though its use has been widely … Read More

Work Fatalities

Forty three years ago, the number of work related deaths in The United States was around 14,000 deaths per year. This was the year the United States Department of Labor decided to do something about it. They had just developed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and through their efforts managed to cut work related deaths down … Read More

Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers

No one enjoys sunburn, and the fact that skin cancer rates are rising certainly doesn’t help. While outdoor workers and their employers account for many risks, one that is often overlooked is sun damage. This is despite the fact that the sun plays such a dominant role in an outdoor worker’s life. Those who work outdoors would be wise to know the … Read More

Guidelines for Victims of Domestic Violence

When you are committed to protecting your employees from abuse, it means you as an employer should know the best means for protection. Remember, being an employer means you are responsible for the wellbeing of your business, and the wellbeing of your business often rests on the wellbeing of your employees. Educating your employees about how to … Read More

5 Safety Issues Professional Drivers Need to Know

If you drive for a living, you know better than anyone the dangers of the road. According to The Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), around 2.35 million Americans are injured in car accidents annually. It can’t be ignored that as a person who drives for a living -- from being a trucker to a cab driver and everything in between … Read More

Eye Injuries at Work

It is easy to take our eye health for granted as, for most of us, we use them normally without hindrance. However, there are many occupations that pose particular hazards to the eye. Every year, approximately 300,000 Americans go to the emergency room for eye-related injuries. Of these injuries, 40% are work related. These may range from temporary … Read More

Recovering from Injury: Does Insurance Cover Septorhinoplasty?

If you or someone you know has sustained a nose injury due to domestic violence or a work accident, septoplasty may be an option and is quite popular in metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. While some of the country’s top plastic surgeons reside in these cities, they may not always be accessible. Septoplasty surgery … Read More

How to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

At the Safe at Work Coalition, we spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of obtaining workers compensation after an accident. We encourage our readers, when hurt at work, to reach out to personal injury lawyers like these workers compensation attorneys in Elizabeth NJ. Even if you do not plan to file a lawsuit, even if your employer is … Read More

Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been assaulted, been the victim of a work accident or have been subjected to some form of bodily harm due to another’s actions, you may be entitled to compensation and should speak to a personal injury lawyer to better understand your legal options. Most personal injury attorneys-- from the car accident lawyers LA to the workers … Read More

Safety Around Machinery at Work

OSHA provides many guidelines for protecting workers across America in all fields. However, it goes without saying that some careers are more dangerous than others. If you work installing or repairing candy vending machines in Maryland, for example, your profession is one of many that requires lifting heavy objects. Professions such as this can put … Read More

Tips for Dealing with Workers Comp

It’s natural to be overwhelmed when you have been hurt at work. You’re dealing with physical-- and likely emotional-- pain, you may feel insecure in what you once deemed a safe environment, and you may worry about paying medical bills and meeting financial obligations while incapacitated. Luckily, you do not have to walk through this crisis alone. … Read More