A Domestic Violence Policy For Any Large Or Small Business

Every company, no matter how big or small, should establish a policy dealing with domestic violence and its destructive effects on employees. Countless Americans suffer from domestic violence every year. The disastrous effects of domestic violence can have a hugely negative impact on any business. A company will undoubtedly suffer if it doesn’t take appropriate actions to help their employees who are or have suffered from domestic violence.

A domestic violence policy is the first step a company can take to establish a harmonious workplace where their employees can seek relief. It is essential that employees feel safe at work. Establishing a domestic violence policy that is inviting, proactive, and designed with the employee’s best interests at mind is a great way for an employer to establish a safe work environment.

There are several aspects that all business should look to maintain in their domestic violence policy in order to ensure it is effective. Below are the six key ingredients for a comprehensive and effective domestic violence policy.

Six Key Ingredients To Build Domestic Violence Policy

Company policy is most effective when employees feel like they are able to communicate with their employers. An essential part of feeling safe about that communication is for a company to establish a general policy of confidentially.

A domestic violence policy that maintains confidentiality for their employee and victim of violence should be respected, as it allows staff to approach their employers for help.

A meaningful domestic violence policy should state to some affect that the company will not tolerate,discriminate, or retaliate against their employees who are believed to be victims of domestic violence.

A policy of anti-discrimination allows for an employee to feel that there won’t be any adverse effects if they reach out to their employers for support after suffering from domestic violence.

Policy should allow for victims of violence to take time away from work if they have a valid purpose and need time to recover. A company’s domestic violence policy can be intertwined with its medical and disability leave policies so as to ensure that nothing is restricting an employer from meeting the needs of its employees.

Another option that should be available to an employee via a company’s domestic violence policy is the ability to request relocation. The relocation procedures can entail changes in work shifts, locations so as to prevent further incidents of violence.

Investigation Of Complaints Of Sexual And Physical Violence By Employees
No matter what, whom or why, any allegations or complaints of sexual and physical violence against fellow employees should be thoroughly investigated. A thorough investigation is one that maintains neutrality, keeps records, and gains as much information as possible from all employees involved.

Obtaining Protection Orders
Lastly, a company policy should present an easy opportunity for an employee to obtain civil protection orders with the help of an employer established process.

A process, or fellow employee who has experience with obtaining protection orders,is a great asset to any company looking to establish an effective domestic violence policy and in turn a safe work environment.