Showing Your Employees You Care

nondiscriminationWhether it is through an at-work injury, domestic violence, or unstable health, there are many obstacles in an employee’s life that can affect his or her wellbeing and, in turn, performance at work. We hope that employers will take a compassionate approach and understand their employees’ issues, not only for sensitivity’s sake, but also for boosting company morale and productivity. If you are an employer, the following guidelines will help you in showing employees that you are invested in their health and peace of mind:

  1. Provide them with proper healthcare. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, employees who work 20 hours per week or more are entitled to healthcare benefits. As an employer, we encourage you to provide your employees with reasonable health plan options. We are not saying to break the bank, but be considerate of the fact that an employee with a lower-end salary may not be able to pay a multi-thousand dollar deductible before obtaining full benefits. Vision and dental care benefits are also options. Not all workplaces offer them. However, if you do, be sure to find plans that are widely accepted by healthcare professionals in your area. Many Cary NC dentists, for instance, take several forms of health insurance. You also want to be sure that your insurance is accepted by top professionals, so if you offer dental insurance at your Cary NC workplace, be sure that the best dentists in Cary NC are within your healthcare provider’s network.
  2. Keep them nourished. There may be times when your employees will have to work late. As an employer, this is your opportunity to keep them energized and ready to work. If your employees are fueled with natural healthy vending in Washington DC– or whatever your place of business– they are likely to stay on site and on-task. Keeping them fueled with natural, healthy vending will also protect them from the “burn out” and heaviness that comes with eating unhealthy sugary snacks.
  3. Be open and available. We have spoken previously about setting domestic violence policies. If your employee is being physically, mentally, sexually or financially abused, it is going to affect that employee’s performance. Abuse can happen to both male and female employees and may not always be recognizable. Intervening in an employee’s personal life can be tricky. We encourage you, therefore, to have a written copy of your policies around domestic abuse which you distribute to all employees on their first day, and host regular seminars on discussing said policies. Be sure that your employees know you can talk to them, and that you are well trained in discussing these sensitive matters. Speaking with a social worker can help you devise a helpful plan around discussing domestic abuse and seeking help.
  4. Handle all workers’ comp cases with care. Even when you follow OSHA regulations, accidents may happen. Of course nobody wants to lose a good employee to an accident, and it is normal to worry about the cost of treatment, but you as an employer are required to provide workers compensation insurance. This is true across all 50 states. It is important to see that your employee receives prompt and proper treatment for all injuries. It is the insurance provider’s responsibility to pay for medical costs and lost wages, but it is your responsibility to facilitate that process. Encourage your employees to come to you immediately if they are hurt and help them correctly file their claims. The workers compensation system can be somewhat convoluted, but the up-front work will save you the expenses of facing a workers compensation lawyer in Elizabeth NJ or a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles down the line. Again, all 50 states require that employers provide insurance for work related injuries and illness. What’s more, most personal injury lawyers across the country, be they work injury lawyers in Elizabeth NJ or car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, work on a contingency basis. They do not collect payment from their clients until their clients collect compensation, so these attorneys are extremely motivated to win. A personal injury lawsuit can also damage company image and morale. Therefore it is important that you handle the situation with compassion and swift attention.

Whether it is connecting your employees with the best dentists in Cary NC, or avoiding an encounter with a workers compensation lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, you have many responsibilities to your employees. We understand that you may not have the money and the power to provide your workers with everything they want, but we hope you will use these guidelines as a means of establishing a mutual feeling of trust and safety at your place of business.

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