How To Set Your Boss Up For A Lawsuit – 4 Humorous Tips

workplace lawyer, work safety,Dislike your boss? You may be wondering how to set your boss up for a lawsuit. Well here are a few steps for how to set your boss up for a lawsuit, and also get a few laughs along the way. Maybe you are dealing with a Top 5 Legal Issues in the Workplace, or maybe you just have a terrible boss. Whatever your reasoning may be for wanting to see your boss get tangled up in a lawsuit, here are a few good ways to go about it, with humor of course.

Laugh when he tells inappropriate jokes.

Yeah, it’s simple. There’s nothing more powerful than agreeing with someone and empowering them to keep doing what they are doing. Have a boss who loves to tell jokes? Slip some inappropriate sex jokes on his desk and see if he takes the bait. Laugh like you have never laughed before when he tells that obviously sexist joke he’s been dying to get out.

Tell him to put it in an email.

Successfully encouraged your boss to tell an inappropriate joke? Well, take it a step further and make sure the entire company gets to enjoy his subtle humiliation. Encouraging a company wide share through email will most definitely be a killer if a lawsuit ever ensues.

Drop stuff and pick it up, sexy-like of course.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called the bend and snap. Simple, effective, and ruthless for proving that your boss is a butt-monger. Drop a pen, and make sure you work that booty while you pick it up. Don’t forget to have your office bestie take a photo of your boss admiring your…. S-L-O-W bend and quick snap.

Suggest a white elephant office Christmas party.

Make sure your boss has a bug in his ear that lingerie is a totally acceptable communal contribution to the gift pool. Yes, this is a little harder to pull off, assuming your boss is not a complete idiot. But done right, will bring you many laughs and your boss a possible lawsuit in the end.

No, but really:  The sad and true reality is that there is an obscene amount of workplace discrimination and abuse. Domestic violence and the workplace, as well as discrimination is a serious problem, no matter what the situation. So if you are actually wondering how to set your boss up for a lawsuit, it may be wise to contact a lawyer to help you with your workplace dispute. Everyone deserves to have a safe workplace environment, free of discrimination or verbal abuse. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, or have suffered a workplace abuse of some kind, finding a lawyer to help you with a lawsuit against your boss may be the only way to successfully see it through. Be sure to document everything that you consider discrimination. Write it down, keep track of how often is occurs, take photos, and be sure to have at least one witness. After you have gathered your evidence, be sure to contact a lawyer to help you understand the best way to go about a lawsuit against your boss.

Looking into how to set your boss up for a lawsuit is not a warranted act unless you feel your boss has truly discriminated or abused you or a colleague. Learn more about Safe At Work Coalition, and contact us for more information or help.