Safe at Work Dermatologist

young female doctor is examining patient's faceAs in any medical practice, there are many occupational hazards at a dermatologist’s work environment. Even a top dermatologist in Washington DC must be careful, as he or she is at risk for exposure to radiation, malfunctioning equipment, bacterial or viral infection and sharp tools. Our skin is our largest organ and our immune system’s first line of defense. Many dermatologists offer skin cancer treatment in Washington DC, Palm Beach FL and other parts of the country, knowing that cancer patients often suffer from weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to illnesses. Those working in a dermatological practice must be extra cautious of this and not expose any broken skin to infection. If you do have a medical condition resulting from your work at the dermatologist’s office, it may be helpful to speak to a workers compensation lawyer near you.

Whether you live in Washington DC, Chicago Illinois or West Palm Beach Florida, if you are injured at work, your employer is required to provide work accident insurance. Often, however, insurance claims adjusters will contest the amount to which you are entitled and you may require counsel from a workers compensation attorney in West Palm Beach.

It is best to consult with your workers compensation attorney to ensure that lost wages and medical bills minimally affect your financial health. An unsafe work environment at your dermatologist’s office may cause health concerns such as:

  •         Percutaneous exposure- exposing particles to inner organs via needle puncture of the skin
  •         Aerosolized infectious particles, as with laser surgery and other particles
  •         Cuts from surgical equipment.

These are simply a few of the incidents can occur in a dermatologist’s office if the work environment is unsafe. Seeking workers compensation with a top West Palm Beach workers compensation attorney can help you move past the trauma of such an incident.

Working in a dermatologist’s office can be a rewarding experience as you are helping patients boost their confidence, improving a unique combination of health and aesthetics. To best protect your own health, it is advisable to research any medical practice before you work there. Be sure you are working for a reputable dermatological practice. However, even in some of the best dermatologist offices in DC and Palm Beach, one still needs to be wary of occupational hazards. To avoid a work accident at the dermatologist’s office, remember to always wear protective gear and stay alert when handling surgical or other medical equipment.  If you are injured on the job, we advise you to seek medical attention and contact a workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.