Most Common Work Injuries in NJ

Knee injuryOSHA reports that nearly 4 million Americans are injured on the job each year, the state of New Jersey being a common place for dangerous jobs such as construction and oil refinery. If you are employed in NJ it would be wise to understand the risks of your job. If you are injured on the job, you should first seek medical attention. Afterwards, we encourage you to consult with an attorney like Rispoli & Borneo workers compensation lawyers in Elizabeth NJ. Below we have compiled a list of common at-work injuries in the state of NJ.


  • Overexertion- This type of injury generally takes the form of a sprain or a pulled muscle. It is often seen in jobs where workers lift, push, or carry heavy objects, including  airport workers, deliverymen/women, dock loaders etc. These injuries typically affect the shoulders, back and neck.
  • Same-Level Falls- These injuries occur when workers fall on level ground, as in a slip and fall on a wet surface.
  • Lower-Level Falls- Lower level falls are falls from a higher level such as a ladder or scaffolding. This injury is commonly seen in construction.
  • Bodily Reaction- If you slip and manage to stop yourself from falling, you may still suffer an injury known as a bodily reaction. In this instance, your muscles are strained or pulled in the attempt to stop you from falling.
  • Struck by an Object- This can happen in many ways. Workers may be struck by objects when they fall from a raised surface.
  • Highway Accidents- These accidents, as you can imagine, are most common among highway workers. Passing cars may hit employees such as road construction workers.
  • Crush Injuries:- Crush injuries are seen mostly in jobs that involve heavy machinery. When machines lack proper safety warnings or guards, they are more likely to occur. In these instances, machines can pull a worker’s appendages into the machine, crushing them beneath the force.
  • Repetetive Stress.- When a worker uses the same body part frequently and on a daily basis, the worker may incur an injury over time.  These are known as repetetive or stress injuries, since they are caused by repeated actions.


In the event of a work accident in New Jersey, you may wish to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, or whichever part of the state you reside. All employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance in case of an accident. However, many injured employees find that their employers’ insurance companies do not offer sufficient compensation to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering (among other injury related expenses).  Truthfully, an insurance claims adjuster’s only job is to see that the company pays you as little as possible. It is best, therefore, to hire an accomplished work injury attorney in Elizabeth NJ or another part of New Jersey, one whom you trust has your best interests at heart.  For more information on staying safe at work in New Jersey and around the country, continue reading our blog or consult with an Elizabeth New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer .