Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Sick woman at workAs the seasons change and the leaves fall, many of us suffer from allergies that can leave us unwell or even unable to work. However it may be work itself that causes our allergic reactions. Drowsiness, impaired vision and difficulty breathing all inhibit our ability to function. When this happens, because of work, you have a major problem and it may be beneficial to see an allergist, like this trusted Manassas, VA Allergist. If you are working a job that requires alertness and has a high potential danger like construction, you need to have all your faculties working optimally. This will not only ensure that you are safe at work, but that you are also able to perform a stellar job.

Perhaps you were born with allergies, perhaps they are new to you. If you move to a new city for work or are at a new job, this shift in environment could be making you sick. Allergies happen when our body’s immune system reacts to unfamiliar environmental factors. Perhaps you lived healthily in New York City but developed allergies or asthma in Manassas VA. If you have started a new construction or cleaning job, you may develop an allergy to the heavy amounts of dust. Perhaps you work with animals and have discovered allergies to certain kinds of pet dander. You may, at this point, consider switching a career, but that is a difficult and time consuming task. You shouldn’t have to quit your job because of a non-life-threatening illness. Especially if it is a job you otherwise enjoy.

The instinct, in this case, may be to run to the drugstore and pick up any generic over-the-counter medicine. Be wary of this, however, because many of these medicines cause drowsiness and other side effects. Some of them specifically warn their consumers not to operate heavy machinery. If this is part of your job, avoid these medicines. Always read medicine labels carefully and consult with a doctor if you have any questions.

A better option than self-treatment may be to see an allergist in Manassas VA or whatever your location. Speaking with him or her, you can develop a plan to manage your allergies and slowly build up your tolerance for certain allergens over time.  Speaking to a medical specialist is the best way to tackle any illness that inhibits your normal life so you may stay happy and healthy in your job.