In Case You Get Hurt at Work, Know Your Rights


As we’ve discussed on this site, your employer has a legal obligation to make sure that you work in a reasonably safe environment. Despite their legal requirement, many workplaces fail to properly ensure that their employees are working in a reasonably safe environment. Likewise, employees can do things to make their work environments more dangerous as well. Millions of people across the United States sustain injuries while at work every single year, and thousands of people unfortunately perish while on the job. If you get hurt while on the job, you might have an opportunity, through worker’s compensation, to ensure that you are at least partially compensated for the amount of time that you miss. That’s why it’s important to know your rights with regards to work-related injuries.

For example, say you’re working in Florida and you develop a chronic condition like black lung. If you ask a Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyer, you will learn that you have 90 days to notify your employer of your injury, and that they are likely required by law to compensate you for your sustained and life-altering injury? Not only are you potentially entitled to compensation for your work-related injury, but if your state laws are anything like Florida’s, you shouldn’t have to pay for medical treatment either. If your employer fails to cover these expenses, you most likely have proper grounds for a lawsuit. You can find a great workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach, Florida, and you’ll hopefully have equally good luck finding strong legal counsel in any other state too.

If you’re ignorant of your state’s worker’s compensation laws and you sustain an injury at the office, you may get taken advantage of. If you live in Florida and are not confident about whether or not you might have a case, contact Eli Franks, a fantastic Palm Beach workers compensation attorney.