How to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Business woman shaking handsAt the Safe at Work Coalition, we spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of obtaining workers compensation after an accident. We encourage our readers, when hurt at work, to reach out to personal injury lawyers like these workers compensation attorneys in Elizabeth NJ. Even if you do not plan to file a lawsuit, even if your employer is extremely helpful throughout the process, you would still be wise to speak with a reputable workers compensation lawyer in Elizabeth NJ or whatever your respective location. Doing so can help you fully understand your rights and options as an injured worker. Here are a few tips for hiring a workers compensation attorney to help you after an at-work incident.

  1. Get references- whether seeking a Palm Beach, New York City, or Elizabeth NJ workers comp attorney, friends and family are a great way to start finding the help you need. If you know someone who has been hurt at work, talk to him and her about the legal representation. You may also go to online databases or your State Bar Association’s register. Be aware, however, that the qualifications that will earn an attorney a place in that register will vary state by state.
  2. Look to credentials- Getting the credentials of your Elizabeth NJ workers compensation lawyer, Philadelphia lawyer– or Maryland lawyer– is crucial. Is your attorney, for instance, well reviewed online? Highly rated? Where is your attorney licensed to practice and what is his or her area of focus? Many lawyers are also respected professors. Some may have been published or featured as legal experts in digital and print media. These are all good signs of a competent lawyer. Also consider your attorney’s education, years of practice, and most importantly, success rate. An attorney’s resume means nothing without client satisfaction.
  3. Ask the right questions- Is your Elizabeth NJ workers comp attorney or Dallas TX workers comp attorney assertive? Or will your lawyer act more as a legal guide? Who will work closely with the attorney on your case? What is your attorneys philosophy? Does your attorney work more with injured parties or defendants? All of these are questions that will help you determine if your prospective lawyer is right for you.
  4. Examine the costs- Many workers compensation attorneys– like these workers compensation lawyers in Elizabeth NJ– work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not collect payment unless you do. The payment will be a small percentage of your compensation, half of which will be paid by you and half by your employer’s insurance provider. Furthermore, most workers compensation lawyers also offer free legal consultations. If your Elizabeth NJ workers comp lawyer or Cleveland OH workers comp lawyer makes you pay for the initial consultation, consider this a “red flag.”


For more information on hiring a workers compensation lawyer, we encourage you to read the “workplace policy section of our blog.” Whether you are faced with spousal abuse that affects your career, work injuries, or workplace violence, we are here to help. Every employee has the right to feel safe.

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