Erasing the Painful Scars

After a work accident, an abusive relationship, or other painful ordeal, it may be difficult to move forward if we have suffered disfigurement. A daily reminder of a missing tooth or a facial scar may at times be too difficult to see in the mirror. There are reconstructive procedures we may take to erase those physical markers, but the rules … Read More

Safety from Financial Abuse

Is someone at your workplace being financially abused? Financial abuse, like physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, is a real threat to you and your employees’ mental health. However, while the above topics are great social taboos, financial abuse is an even less talked about topic. Many employees who are financially abused, if their spouses … Read More

How to Know if Your Boss is Abusive

We all want to feel comfortable in our work environments, and most of us certainly hope that our bosses like us. Unfortunately, there are instances of abusive bosses, and oftentimes, the abuse tactics used by employers are similar to the abuse tactics that the marriage counselors in Bethesda MD, and all across the US, warn against. Here are some of … Read More

Burns at Work

One of the most painful work injuries an employee can face is a thermal or chemical burn. Despite numerous safety precautions, workplace burns still pose a substantial risk across many industries. Workplace burns account for a considerable number of all hospital burn treatments, and can cause great pain and mental anguish for individuals and … Read More

Most Common Work Injuries in NJ

OSHA reports that nearly 4 million Americans are injured on the job each year, the state of New Jersey being a common place for dangerous jobs such as construction and oil refinery. If you are employed in NJ it would be wise to understand the risks of your job. If you are injured on the job, you should first seek medical attention. Afterwards, we … Read More

Two Ways to Protect Your Business and its Workers

When your employees’ health suffers-- be it physical health, financial health, or otherwise-- your small business can suffer as a result. This is true across any company, in fact, but especially in small businesses where employers rely heavily on a close-knit team. There are many ways in which employers can foster a business environment in which … Read More

Safe at Work Dermatologist

As in any medical practice, there are many occupational hazards at a dermatologist’s work environment. Even a top dermatologist in Washington DC must be careful, as he or she is at risk for exposure to radiation, malfunctioning equipment, bacterial or viral infection and sharp tools. Our skin is our largest organ and our immune system’s first line … Read More

Occupational Hazards in Dentistry

Are you interested in dentistry? Perhaps you are considering joining the field or are already working in dentistry now. Whether you are a student in Harrisburg PA, a dental assistant in Denver CO or a family dentist in Cary NC, it behooves you to know the hazards of this occupation. Dentistry can be a wonderful profession in which you keep others … Read More

What if Your Boss Threatens You at Work?

For the best workplace productivity, your supervisor should be an ally in the office. However, there are times when employees and employers come into conflict. If you feel your boss is threatening you, be it with termination, the law or even physical violence, do not react too quickly or rashly. It is better for you to examine the situation … Read More

Seeking Medical Family Therapy Can Increase Your Fulfillment At Work

There are many domestic situations that can affect our happiness and performance at our jobs. One for which we seldom account is a newly diagnosed illness. A medical condition can take a huge toll on our physical strength, barring us from performing our jobs to the best of our abilities. It can also create a psychological strain, in which case it … Read More

Is Your Job Making You Sick?

As the seasons change and the leaves fall, many of us suffer from allergies that can leave us unwell or even unable to work. However it may be work itself that causes our allergic reactions. Drowsiness, impaired vision and difficulty breathing all inhibit our ability to function. When this happens, because of work, you have a major problem and it … Read More

Health and Safety for Outdoor Workers

The 50 states are full of beautiful places to live and work, especially when your “office” is the great outdoors in a region like California or North Carolina. However spending long working days in the elements can lead to illness, steep falls or other injuries that can affect the mouth and oral nerves.  A mouth injury sustained during rigorous … Read More

How To Keep Your Accounting Firm A Safe Work Environment

Workplace safety must be held as a high priority in all work environments, even those that are not the usual suspects of workplace injury. Much like the measures taken by this wealth management Gaithersburg MD based firm, there are steps that can be taken by all accounting firms in order to help keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and … Read More

Will My Workers’ Compensation Cover Dental Visits?

A most unwanted and unpleasant injuries to experience while on the job is a mouth injury. Injuries to your teeth can create moderately uncomfortable to painful side effects. If you have incurred a tooth loss as the result of a work-related accident, you should contact a dental implant expert. If you find your dental injury to be an emergency, call … Read More

Feeling Safe As A Professional Soccer Player

Feeling safe playing on a professional soccer team in America, whether it's in Major League Soccer of the NASL, can be difficult for some players. Those players who are gay may feel uncomfortable on a team because of the dominance of heterosexuality in the locker room. That's why it's so important for players, clubs, and entire soccer communities … Read More

Domestic Abuse and Divorce Law

Domestic violence is inexcusable, yet abusive relationships are pervasive in the United Staets. If you have recently been the victim of domestic violence, or if you feel that you feel as though you are in an abusive relationship, you may be considering potential actions to remove yourself from your harmful circumstance. If you were the recent … Read More

What to do When You Get Hurt at Work

For many workers like you,  getting injured on the job is a legitimate issue to worry about. Even if your job does not involve intensive heavy labor, an accident that might leave you permanently changed can occur at any place of work. There are a variety of workplace injuries which you may encounter while on the job, and we have listed just a few … Read More

Workplace Safety is About Feeling Safe Too

Feeling secure about the working conditions of your job is an important aspect of workplace safety. Your thoughts and feelings about your work environment are an important part of your performance, and can set you up to avoid or encounter workplace accidents. If you feel anxious, insecure, or threatened about an aspect of your job, but you are … Read More

Does Your Workers Compensation Plan Cover Dermatologist Visits?

One of the most unforgiving and unwanted injuries to contract while on the job is a skin condition. Injuries to your skin can create unpleasant side effects for you. If you think that you have been affected by a skin condition as the result of a work-related injury, you should contact a Washington, DC area dermatologist. Skin conditions can affect … Read More