Domestic Violence

Guidelines for Victims of Domestic Violence

When you are committed to protecting your employees from abuse, it means you as an employer should know the best means for protection. Remember, being an employer means you are responsible for the wellbeing of your business, and the wellbeing of your business often rests on the wellbeing of your employees. Educating your employees about how to … Read More

Showing Your Employees You Care

Whether it is through an at-work injury, domestic violence, or unstable health, there are many obstacles in an employee’s life that can affect his or her wellbeing and, in turn, performance at work. We hope that employers will take a compassionate approach and understand their employees’ issues, not only for sensitivity’s sake, but also for … Read More

Domestic Abuse and Divorce Law

Domestic violence is inexcusable, yet abusive relationships are pervasive in the United Staets. If you have recently been the victim of domestic violence, or if you feel that you feel as though you are in an abusive relationship, you may be considering potential actions to remove yourself from your harmful circumstance. If you were the recent … Read More

Resources For Domestic & Workplace Violence

Violence, whether it is domestic or workplace related, is a major human resource concern. By and large, it affects an employee’s health and security at a personal level. Domestic and workplace violence are also an issue for the company and the employer as it is a great liability concern. Domestic/workplace violence is not limited towards females. … Read More

Finding Success After Domestic Violence: What It Looks Like

Domestic violence can be a horrifying experience, but like most troubles in life, domestic violence can be overcome. Company involvement in the personnel lives of its employees can be seen by some as an annoyance. Yet, with so many American workers facing violence in their home from their partners, employers cannot simply turn a blind eye. … Read More

10 Facts & Statistics on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence knows many faces. Male or females, rich or poor, black or white - domestic violence can truly happen to anyone. There is no excuse for domestic abuse and yet it continues to happen every day. Hopefully these statistics will stop anyone involved in a domestically abusive relationship from excusing, overlooking, or denying the … Read More