Erasing the Painful Scars

Sad alone Woman Drinking Coffee in Dark RoomAfter a work accident, an abusive relationship, or other painful ordeal, it may be difficult to move forward if we have suffered disfigurement. A daily reminder of a missing tooth or a facial scar may at times be too difficult to see in the mirror. There are reconstructive procedures we may take to erase those physical markers, but the rules surrounding when our insurance covers them can be murky.

Though they are often performed by the same practitioners, there is a difference between a cosmetic procedure and a reparative/reconstructive procedure. It may be harder for an insurance provider to see the need to visit a cosmetic dermatologist in Northern VA, than to grant allowance for a Cary NC dentist visit. A cosmetic dermatology visit may be seen as an elective procedure and a luxury, whereas foregoing restorative dentistry in Cary NC may seriously affect one’s oral–and subsequently physical–health. Also, the rules surrounding insurance coverage may vary from state to state. Just because you are eligible for cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC, for instance, does not mean you can automatically obtain the same cosmetic dentistry in Dublin CA. Talk to your employer and your company’s insurance provider about policies surrounding cosmetic procedures such as scar revision and other dermal reparis, or dental repairs such as dental implants in Dublin CA or dental implants in Cary NC.

Also, remember that just because a doctor or medical clinic is covered for one procedure, does not mean that any treatment they perform will be covered. If you visit a doctor or dentist for one form of treatment and he/she recommends an alternative or additional treatment, be sure to verify that you or your insurance can pay for the procedure. Just because a dermatologist is approved by your company to treat skin cancer in Vienna VA, does not mean that dermatologist is approved for other procedures you may need. If you cannot pay, you may speak to the doctor or dentist about alternative payment plans for dentistry in Dublin CA or outpatient surgical dermatology in Northern VA.

Insurance companies understand that cosmetic surgery in not just about botox in Fairfax VA, or facelifts in Los Angeles. There are many reasons why one may seek cosmetic surgery and many ways an insurance provider may interpret a situation. It does not hurt to ask, and to pursue as many avenues as possible. We encourage you to speak with your individual therapist in DC or whatever your location, or even your Bethesda MD marriage counselor if you were seeing one if you ended a marriage. After a painful past, erasing the physical markers may be the means by which a person restores peace of mind and progresses with his or her life.