Does Your Company Insurance Provide Adequate Medical Care?

Doctor showing heart shape isolated on white backgroundDoes your job provide you with vision, dental, or general health benefits? If so, that is a wonderful thing, but you should not pick a doctor simply because he or she is in your company insurance provider’s network. Never take chances with your physical, oral, visual or mental health. Whether you need a cataract surgeon in Washington DC, a dentist in Virginia, or a general physician in Oakland California, you should look at your doctor’s credentials.

If you are seeking a cataract surgeon in Washington DC, for example, you should look for a medical professional who, beyond holding a medical doctorate, should be board certified in ophthalmology as well as surgery. Be sure to look into your DC cataract surgeon’s credentials thoroughly before committing to surgery. If your surgeon is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (look for “FACS” after his or her title or signature), that means your surgeon has been vetted and is board certified, and you can confirm your surgeon’s fellowship on the American College of Surgeons’ website. (Note: though you must be a board certified to be a fellow, you don’t need to be a fellow to be board certified.)

When you visit a medical profession, no matter the kind, be sure to look thoroughly into his or her qualifications. Does my Washington DC cataract surgeon have a high success rate? How often do complications occur with my Fairfax VA dermatologist’s patients? What are the next steps if I have a procedure and complications arise? What are the risks and their likelihood.

Be sure to thoroughly do your research both inside and outside the office. Beyond consulting with your physician, do an online search for reviews or, if anyone you know has gone to this doctor for services, politely ask about that person’s impression of the doctor. Consumer reports can be especially helpful. One particularly good piece of information to know is whether your doctor has been sued for malpractice. A malpractice suit does not automatically mean that you should avoid a physician’s office. If the malpractice suit is far enough in the past, you may feel comfortable utilizing that physician’s services. In fact, a doctor who has suffered a malpractice suit may be more careful than a doctor who has not dealt with such an ordeal, and thus, more trustworthy. If, in researching your doctor, you have any concerns, you may speak to someone in your office’s Human Resources department and have that person contact a representative from the insurance company.

Whether you are a looking for a podiatrist in Cleveland OH, a cataract surgeon in Washington DC, or an allergist in Manassas VA, ensure your doctor has the proper credentials before committing to using the doctor’s services. More than likely, your company’s insurance providers has a network of many great professionals from which you may choose.

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