Burns at Work

Eczema atopic dermatitis symptom skin textureOne of the most painful work injuries an employee can face is a thermal or chemical burn. Despite numerous safety precautions, workplace burns still pose a substantial risk across many industries. Workplace burns account for a considerable number of all hospital burn treatments, and can cause great pain and mental anguish for individuals and families. Most workplace burn victims are young and middle-aged men.

Any job that involves working with harsh chemicals and high heat can be extremely dangerous and should be highly regulated. Across all United States and US territories, employers are expected to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you suffer a workplace burn, you should seek medical attention immediately, and consult with a workers compensation lawyer like these workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach Gardens FL.

Sometimes, what we think is a serious burn may prove to be only a minor chemical reaction, to which a Washington DC skin allergist can attend. However, sometimes we may visit the Washington DC allergist and realize that the condition is something more severe. Whatever the cause of your skin reaction, it is best not to wait to see a doctor, as burns can quickly worsen and lead to serious infections. Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against illness. Remember, if you burn your skin, be it chemically or with heat, do not apply ice. Apply cool water to your skin and get medical attention immediately.

Once you have seen a doctor, retain all receipts and medical records, as they will prove valuable when consulting with a workers compensation lawyer in Palm Beach County Florida, Chicago Illinois, or wherever your location. Even if you do not plan to file a lawsuit, consulting with a Palm Beach Gardens FL workers compensation lawyer is an excellent way to learn your legal options and ensure you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled. Under Florida workers compensation law, for instance, you are entitled to lost wage benefits, medical treatment benefits and reimbursement for transportation to and from your medical appointments.

Even after the recovery process is begun, you may still need further medical treatment. Often, burns lead to severe scarring, and you may have to consult with a respected dermatologist about cosmetic surgery in Northern VA, Dublin CA, or whatever your region. If you do return to work, more than likely you will not wish to face your co-workers– or yourself– with a daily reminder of your trauma. Furthermore, exposure to certain chemicals can also prove carcinogenic, and it may be worthwhile to consult with a specialist about skin cancer treatment in Vienna VA or an area closer to you, if you notice any strange moles or growths on your skin.

If you are burned at work, however minor or severe you believe it to be, you would be wise to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible. Report the injury to your supervisor, and consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney.