Does Your Workers Compensation Plan Cover Dermatologist Visits?

One of the most unforgiving and unwanted injuries to contract while on the job is a skin condition. Injuries to your skin can create unpleasant side effects for you. If you think that you have been affected by a skin condition as the result of a work-related injury, you should contact a Washington, DC area dermatologist. Skin conditions can affect people across sectors of the economy, but you are especially at risk if you hold a job in these industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Cosmetology
  • Food service
  • Health Care
  • Mechanics
  • Painting
  • Printing/lithography

There are a variety of ways that you may get hurt on the job and develop a skin condition, including agitation including interaction with

  • Biological agents

Including microorganisms, parasites, plants, and other forces that might infect your skin

  • Chemical agents

The primary instigator of work-related skin conditions, chemical agents are divided into two types:

  • Primary irritants directly act on the skin through chemical reaction, immediately agitating your skin.
  • Sensitizers only affect your skin through allergic reaction after repeated exposure to a chemical.

If workers are exposed to hazardous conditions, they may be at extra risk for developing a skin condition as a result of their job.

  • Mechanical trauma

If you work in a job where you operate machinery or work alongside machinery, you may experience friction, pressure, abrasions, lacerations, and contusions.

  • Physical agents

Extreme temperatures and/or radiation exposure can trigger skin reactions that need to be taken seriously. If you believe that exposure to oppressive cold, heat, or radiation has triggered a reaction in your skin, do not hesitate to contact one of the best dermatologists in the Washington, DC area.

Certain workplaces put their workers at serious risk for contracting skin conditions. That’s why it’s important to see if your workplace compensation coverage extends to dermatologists. If you are unsure about the nuances of your coverage, or believe that you are unfairly being denied dermatology coverage, contact one of the  best Workers Compensation Law Firms in Florida.