Where To Get Help Developing A Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace violence is an issue for every type of workplace, from healthcare workers to shift supervisors at the local convenience store; however, there are many business owners and managers that do not realize the responsibility for preventing workplace violence rests on the employer.

The main issue for employees is the absence of an effective plan and it can be difficult for employees who are hurt to develop a proper workers compensation claim due to a robber, deranged co-worker or even a patient. In fact, acts of self-defense may result in criminal charges and a number of legal problems when applying for any type of worker’s comp claim.

If you need help developing your workplace violence policy, you should utilize the services of a worker’s compensation law firm. These attorneys understand the laws regarding violence in the workplace and the items that need to be included in a violence policy such as actions employees should take in certain situations, directions for calling for help and other procedures allowing them to take the proper action in any situation that could escalate to violence or harm to another person.

A workplace violence policy will help you, as well as your employees be safe, even in otherwise dangerous situations. When the proper procedures are understood, the chances of legal issues arising for any harm or injury are reduced by a significant amount. This is essential for every business, no matter the industry or number of employees.

One such helpful resource is a Franks & Koenig. Their workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, Florida can help you to develop a high-quality program.