Where Are the Riskiest Jobs?

Depositphotos_7974617_originalAs we’ve discussed before on this blog, a work-related illness or injury can happen anywhere. However, there are certain jobs where danger is more inherently present. There are also geographic locations where those jobs are more popular. For example, in states such as New Jersey, you may be more likely to need workers’ compensation if you work in oil and petrochemical refinery. The oil industry is known for many hazards and inhaling potentially sickening chemicals is one of them. In terms of safety hazards, the industry has come a long way, and new protective standards are constantly being updated and enforced. However, it is not impossible that you will need help from an Elizabeth, NJ workers’ compensation law firm such as Rispoli and Borneo. Similarly, if you are a road worker on the George Washington Bridge, you may need to contend with reckless driving from commuters, deafening noise and dangerous equipment. You too may need the help of a reputable NJ workers’ compensation firm like Rispoli and Borneo

In Florida, commercial fishing is a popular industry. Some of the freshest, rarest tropical fish can be found in Florida and there is money to be made in that field. However, commercial fishermen in Florida deal with potentially fatal inclement weather and may easily sustain injuries from bad weather, boating accidents or malfunctioning heavy equipment. In which case, they should seek medical attention immediately and seek guidance from a workers’ compensation Florida firm. In addition to its warm ocean water, Florida is also known for its rich, fertile land and tropical climates, which make it a prime spot for logging. There are over 350 logging companies in Florida and the workers there should also know the inherent risks of their jobs. Logging has one of the highest fatality rates of all American professions. A Florida logger may well have to consult with a law firm such as Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt during his or her career.

Other hazardous incidents can occur in agriculture, not an uncommon practice in fertile Florida or the “Garden State.” For this reason, firms like Florida’s Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt and NJ’s Rispoli and Borneo exist: to protect the rights of workers harmed on the job. From a professional standpoint, it is good to know what career fields are lucrative in your area. From a personal standpoint, it is important to know how to protect oneself at work. Always follow your workplace’s safety outlines, know the risks before you enter a field and keep up-to-date on workers’ compensation laws. Consulting with a reputable firm in Florida, New Jersey or whatever your home state is, is also advisable.


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