Top 3 Healthy Vending Machine Options At Your Workplace

best-vending-machinesFor all daily tempted dieters out there getting those mid-workday hunger pangs, believe it or not, healthy vending machine options do exist! Whether you’re drooling on the glass of the average workplace vending machine, or perhaps, looking for a more health-conscientious machine upgrade for your office, we have a few tips to guide your healthy vending machine choices:

It’s Time for an Upgrade!

If you’re looking to remove the temptation of unhealthy options from your workplace all together, there area few fresh healthy vending machines on the market today that offer a smattering of fresh produce. From apple slices to carrot sticks, a healthy vending machine like this eliminates the sugary, processed food options and replaces them with a variety of vitamin and nutrient packed snacks that will not only curb your afternoon cravings, but also put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. These natural healthy vending machine options are great for an office looking for to make an upgrade to their snacking-way of life.

Select the Right Snack!

However, if you’re stuck with the vending machine that’s been sitting in the breakroom for the last 25 years, have no fear, many vending distribution companies have instituted healthy vending machine options alongside those tempting chocolate bars. Choosing things like trail mix, as opposed to a triple chocolate cookie blast, will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also provide you with more protein and fiber–making you feel fuller longer. Seeking salt? Significantly cut down your caloric intake by swapping pretzels for any of the highly fatty, oil-laden chip options. If those choices are still unappetizing, a great rule of thumb is to look for organic vending machine options, often found in the form of a nutritious granola bar.

Water, Water, and More Water!

Finally, when it comes to beverage vending machines, your best bet is to stick with water. By choosing water, you will not only completely eliminate hundreds of extra calories from your daily-diet, but also improve your overall hydration–making you more aware and focused at work.

Improving the overall health of you and your working peers is an important facet of the Safe at Work Coalition. So join us in the first step of pursuing this goal by instituting healthy vending machine practices in your office, today!