The Importance of Non-Discrimination: Law Firm Against Domestic Violence

The effects of domestic violence do not often remain in the home.  Typically, the trauma and danger that a victim experiences will carry on into the workplace, making things tense for every person involved.  Even in these experiences, our law firms associated with the Safe at Work Coalition approach the situation with compassion.  It’s of the upmost importance to help make life easier for the victim.

The Safe at Work Coalition has spread its outreach to several law firms.  These law firms understand that, even while it may make the workplace tense, it is entirely illegal to discriminate an individual based on her experience with domestic violence.    In some cases, the victim may be unable to perform her tasks due to constant interruption from  the attacker.  In these cases, it is important for the law firm to make proper accommodations to allow the victim to effectively do her work.  For instance, if an abuser is constantly making threatening or disturbing phone calls to the victim, the workplace should provide the victim with a new phone number.

There are many other cases when the workplace should be empathetic to victim’s situation in regards to the workplace.   The law firm should not punish the victim if she needs to take off work in order to go to court, find new housing, or get other forms of official help.    In addition, if the employee quits her job due to issues she’s experiencing regarding the violence, she should still receive unemployment insurance benefits.

In all situations of domestic violence, our law firms, whether birth injury lawyers in Washington, DC or DC-based court reporters show empathy and compassion to the victims.  Creating a safe atmosphere for the victims may allow them to start moving towards a better life.