Safety Around Machinery at Work

machinists adjusting lift in elevator hoistwayOSHA provides many guidelines for protecting workers across America in all fields. However, it goes without saying that some careers are more dangerous than others. If you work installing or repairing candy vending machines in Maryland, for example, your profession is one of many that requires lifting heavy objects. Professions such as this can put you at risk for serious injury. These injuries can be sustained over time or happen all at once. Wherever this occurs, workers compensation stipulations should provide for your medical and lost wage benefits. You would be wise to speak with a qualified attorney, and ensure that you obtain everything to which you are entitled.

All states have workers compensation laws in place. However, the rules vary from state to state. A work accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ will not give the same advice as West Palm Beach work injury compensation lawyer. However, in most instances, a work injury case evaluation is free, so even if your claims process appears straightforward, even if your place of business seems helpful, speaking with an attorney won’t hurt your wallet, and will help reassure you if you are making the right decision.

To continue with the example of candy vending machines in Maryland–or any other location for that matter– when working with any type of machinery, one would be wise to follow all electrical safety guidelines and double-check every action. Making a mistake with electricity, be it high or low voltage, can endanger one’s life and the lives of one’s co-workers. Electrician deaths–most at a fairly young age– account for seven percent of work-related deaths in the building trade. A fairly low voltage current can stop one’s heart, if the power to a line is not cut before one begins work on it.

Electrical energy is a powerful force. If you have been exposed to it without proper safety settings and precautions taken at your job, you would be wise to speak with a work accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, Maryland, or whatever your location. If you do pursue a claim or go to court, find a firm that works on a contingency basis. Most workers compensation law firms, like Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt in Palm Beach, FL, work on a contingency basis, which means they do not accept payment unless they obtain a recovery for you.

Many jobs require handling heavy electrical equipment. While they may pay well, it is important to follow safety guidelines to the letter. One false move can result in serious injury or loss of life for you or those around you. Of course, we are all human and are capable of errors. Thus it would be wise to know a reputable workers compensation attorney in your area.

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