Resources For Domestic & Workplace Violence

Violence, whether it is domestic or workplace related, is a major human resource concern. By and large, it affects an employee’s health and security at a personal level. Domestic and workplace violence are also an issue for the company and the employer as it is a great liability concern.
Domestic/workplace violence is not limited towards females. It affects men or women and white or black equally. Violence is not to be overlooked or excused. A victim should neither be denied of security and action against the abuser. Generally, violence is never reported but when little is done when someone does report.
Employee’s Performance: The employee is not completely focused at work that affects productivity. A person being abused is either late to work, misses work or has problem in keeping the job. Ultimately, it affects the career promotions of the person. The lack of focus may be due to insecurity.  The employers are fearful of being stalked to their workplace and threat of being attacked. Another reason is the victims inflicted by the abusers suffer fair to poor health and most of them suffer from depression. Every victim should know where to go for help and eye-witnesses should be help them reach there.
Employer’s liability: The place where violence exists is no more safer. Thus, violence is more of a management issue. The company has to protect the employees or be liable to settle security suits that may tall up to millions of dollars. The victims and the standbys are equally affected and are forced to look for an alternative. Regular absenteeism affects the work system and creates chaos as there is imbalance in work input-output. It is thus, imperative to take action to improve the companies’ financial and overall performance. Counseling the victims will change the lives of the employees and taking action against the abusive employees can cut down the workplace violence.
Act before attacked: Are you being coerced, bullied or harassed at workplace. Reach rescue team before it aggravates. A small incident is a sign enough to be alarmed but there should be no room for panic. It is therefore important to seek help and avoid expected threat. The first place to go is the employer’s human resource helpdesk. However, there are several organizations that can take initiatives. There are laws specific to your country that helps you to protect against violence, it is good to know about them to defend yourself or sue the abuser.
Safe at work coalition is an online portal that extends itself towards violence-free tomorrow. The website is a one stop place for those who are in need of help and those who want to stop this monster for good. It offers a storehouse of documents that talk about every shades violence and policies to curb the same – a big picture. The workplace policy page guides the companies, big or small, in taking initiatives to prevent and act against violence.
Violence is a social concern that we all have to fight against. Alone it may be difficult but together we can eradicate it and eliminate its ill effects.

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