Recovering in a Safe Environment

Optometry concept - pretty young woman having her eyes examinedRecently we discussed cosmetic repair as a means of erasing the scars and painful memories of abuse. However, even in our recovery we must be cautious. Before undergoing a procedure, ascertaining the reputations of our dentists and physicians is a precaution not to be taken lightly. If you are undergoing a cosmetic procedure, ensure that your doctor is board certified in the appropriate medical fields. Many doctors, for instance, attempt to practice cosmetic treatments like Voluma in Washington DC without proper certification in dermatology. Ensure that whatever treatments you undergo during your recovery, you are consulting with a qualified professional. If you do not, you could risk a serious injury, or an adverse reaction to medications or anesthetics.

The stress of an abusive relationship, or a long work injury case, can certainly age us. In light of this, we may wish to reverse the age process with treatments like Voluma in Washington DC. Because this is an elective procedure, however, insurance may not cover it, and we must truly consider if it is essential to our progress. Consulting with a trusted Washington DC Voluma doctor can certainly help you decide if and how this treatment may change your life. Other dermal fillers such as Botox, can pose serious–even fatal– health risks, if not performed by the appropriate medical professional. When you are obtaining dermatological treatments, such as laser scar removal, you would be wise to ask your doctor about the other procedures he or she performs. If your doctor cannot treat the aging and other issues you wish to address, your doctor may be able to point you in the direction of a caring professional who can.

After an injury and an emotionally straining ordeal it is important to feel safe. Some doctors have a reputation for poor “bedside manner” and this can be difficult for an injury or abuse survivor to handle. It is important to find medical professionals who are not only skilled, but who also have the patience and compassion to explain each procedure and make you feel at ease. You deserve not only quality treatment, but also respect. Respect also extends to privacy. If a doctor discloses a patient’s information without explicit written consent, he or she may be subject to legal action.

Whatever you do to erase your painful past’s reminders, see that you do it safely. The last thing any survivor wants is another injury or painful scar. Medical professionals should give you the strength and empowerment to move forward.

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