Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

A business woman interviews a potential new employeeIf you have been assaulted, been the victim of a work accident or have been subjected to some form of bodily harm due to another’s actions, you may be entitled to compensation and should speak to a personal injury lawyer to better understand your legal options. Most personal injury attorneys– from the car accident lawyers LA to the workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, FL– offer free case evaluations. Speaking to a lawyer can give you valuable information without costing you a penny. There are a few things you  should clarify.

  1. To what coverage am I entitled?- Personal injury benefits may vary widely from case to case. For instance, say you sustain an eye injury at work in Palm Beach, FL, Los Angeles or Washington DC. A Palm Beach work injury attorney will likely that you are entitled to lost wage benefits and medical benefits. Under medical benefits you may be able to pay for treatment if your vision is damaged. However, the form of treatment you may receive can vary. Certain eye surgeries or glasses that can save your vision may be covered. However, other treatments like LASIK in Washington DC, Palm Beach, or other regions may be considered elective and likely will not be covered. Payments to a Washington DC allergist, Washington DC dermatologist, or any doctor anywhere can come out of pocket, depending on the type of treatment. Other treatments that may be deemed elective are cosmetic procedures such as botox in Washington DC. Although medical dermatology, such as burn treatment, should be covered, as well as DC asthma doctor visits for allergic reactions developed through your job.
  2. Tell me about your contingency fee- Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis– meaning they do not collect payment unless they obtain a recovery for you. However, contingency fees may vary widely from place to place. Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles may charge 20% of the recovery, and a Palm Beach workers compensation attorney may charge 35%. It varies not only region to region, but firm to firm, so be sure to ask this question. Also note that oftentimes, only half of the contingency fee will come from your award, while the other half will come from the at-fault party’s insurer.
  3. Have you handled cases similar to mine? Personal injury is a specific field, but there are many other smaller focuses within this area of legal practice. A Los Angeles car accident attorney, may not know much about what Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles do, or about malpractice suits against allergists in Washington DC. Even if your attorney works in a very specific area like a workers compensation lawyer in Palm Beach, your attorney may not have tried a case similar to yours, or may have more experience working with defendants than with claimants. It is best to ensure that your attorney has experience in matters similar to yours, working with injured clients if that is what you are.

These are only three of the questions one can ask one’s personal injury attorney. There are many other concerns, which we will continue to discuss on our blog. If you have been hurt due to assault or any other bodily harm and you were not at fault, you may be wise to speak to a personal injury attorney, and continue to read our blog for more advice.

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