Law Firm Employees Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible and traumatizing issue that causes strife for every family member involved.  To those outside the family, said violence can be obvious or practically indistinguishable.    Many victims suffering from domestic violence remain silent; afraid to further the drama and terror they face in their homes.

Sometimes the negative effects of domestic violence follow victims into the workplace.  The Safe at Work Coalition was started in an attempt to educate employees and unions about the truth regarding domestic violence, and make victims feel safe about addressing the issue within the workplace.  We understand that domestic violence can be a personal and painful matter, which is why we approach the issue through compassion and understanding.  By creating a safe work environment for victims, we believe are better able open minds of fellow employees and give the victim a sense of safety.

The Safe at Work Coalition has spread its outreach to several law firms, including Capital Reporting Company.  While it may be impossible to prevent the domestic violence from occurring outside the workplace, there are things a law firm can do.  We work to educate these law firms about the importance of understanding the trauma of domestic violence.   By encouraging law firms to implement policies regarding domestic violence, it increases protection for both the company and the victim.   Many law firms don’t realize that domestic violence can negatively affect the company as well.  Addressing the problem destroys the risk of affecting company morale or creating further problems within the workplace.   By acknowledging the issue, the company and the victim are able to progress to a more positive way of working and living.