The Work Impacts of Domestic Violence

Did you know that domestic violence has a large effect on countless American workplaces? Indeed, staggering statistics from recent studies show that domestic violence has a strong economic and subjective effect on work.

It isn’t too hard to believe, but at-home violence doesn’t just affect at-home life.The work impact of domestic violence is something that should be reviewed by all employers so as to bring attention to the unfortunate victims and to learn means of preventing the violence from growing.

One way employers should look at the work impacts of domestic violence is how it affects their personnel. Several recent studies show that domestic violence is very costly to both employers and employees. In fact, one study revealed that domestic violence victims lose approximately 8 million days of paid work, or 32,000 full time jobs.Those kinds of numbers are going to have an enormous effect on productivity.

The study also revealed that nearly 5.6 million days of routine productivity was lost due to the result of violence. Domestic issues not only affect those who experience violence at home, but their ability to effectively make a living.

An overwhelmingly amount of American workers are effected by domestic violence. It is estimated that as many as 50% of domestic violence victims have lost a job, at least in part, due to domestic violence. That seems like a very unfair statistic, but it is unfortunately a very true work impact of domestic violence.

What’s the percentage of employed domestic violence victims who experience problems at work due to their abuse or abusers? An overwhelming 96%! Truly, almost the entire population of employed domestic violence victims is believed to see hugely negative work impacts due to domestic violence.

Obviously, a devastatingly large amount of employees are seeing the unfortunate impact that domestic violence carries to the workplace. Employers should be more aware of the work impacts of domestic violence can have on their personnel.

If employers’ aren’t swayed to pay attention by the subjective impact of domestic violence on the workplace; they certainly will be by the economic impact of domestic violence at the workplace. It is estimated that employers lose about $3 to $5 billion a years due to domestic violence.

Employers see the huge economic cost that domestic violence has on the work place in a number of ways. The leading effect has to do with lost days of work, and reduced productivity. However, employers must also be aware that they are susceptible to other costs due to domestic violence like liability and healthcare costs.

Domestic violence undoubtedly has a vast impact on the workplace. Studies have shown that both employers and employees suffer from the hidden effects of domestic violence. If employers aren’t motivated to prevent domestic violence by the staggering amount of workers that are affected by it; they certainly will (and should) be by the astonishingly large economic impact that domestic violence has on the workplace.