Domestic Violence in the Workplace –Safe At Work Coalition

It is essential for every employer to create a safe, judgment free, workplace for their employees. Nothing is more of a deterrent for an employee than feeling unsafe at the place they spend a significant amount of their time. A business cannot be successful without motivated employees and to retain them, every workplace should incorporatecreating a safe work environment into the company’s mission.

A safe workplace is one where employees feel protected and secure. A safe workplace should maintain an adequate policy that protects employees from harm, no matter whether it is from the inside or outside environment.

The Safe at Work Coalition offers a strong foundation for employers who are looking to establish a safe and comfortable culture in the workplace. Below is an outline of the steps that every company should take when building, establishing, and maintaining a respected workplace.

Safe At Work Coalition | 4 Big Steps

1. Establish Company Position On Domestic Violence
Every company should institute a company position on domestic violence. The position should answer the question: what is the company attitude towards and concerns against domestic violence? A company’s policy should be inviting and take steps to reverse the damaging effects of violence against their employees, no matter where that violence transpired.

2. Develop Company Policy On Domestic Violence
The Safe at Work Coalition believes it is crucial for every company to develop policies regarding domestic violence and the effects it has on their employees. Company policy should be aimed atsafeguardingemployees from violence in the workplace and designed to assist every employee in dealing with domestic violence’s’ harmful effects.
Company policy should be well-established in order to reassure employees that they can feel safe at work. This will alsohelp company employees be more confident about disclosing any threats or incidents that they feel are harmful. Making these policies well-publicized will also promote the overall branding of your company as one that takes a strong stance against domestic and family violence.

3. Train Employees To Recognize And Overcome Workplace Violence
While it is essential for every company to have a policy that deals with workplace violence and employees who suffer from domestic violence, that policy will be ineffective if a company doesn’t train its employees to deal with workplace violence. The Safe at Work Coalition firmly asserts and provides methods that employers should use to train their staff in handling violence.

By training employees, a company is taking a key preventive measure against workplace violence while simultaneously establishing a protective work culture.

4. Generate Awareness
The last, and perhaps most necessary step in creating a safe workplace, as defined by the Safe at Work Coalition, is to generate awareness about workplace and domestic violence among employees.

There are several cost effective and efficient methods that companies can use to promote their policies against violence and to establish a harm-free culture. A company can hang anti-violence posters and distribute contact information for an Employee Assistance Program. Companies can also host Domestic Violence awareness days and guest speakers who have experience dealing with and preventing violence at work and at home.

The Safe at Work Coalition firmly believes in instituting a safe workplace. Hopefully the steps outlined above will allow you, and your employers, to establish a culture that harnesses a safe and caring workplace.