Eye Injuries In The Workplace

Injuries to the eye, when serious, are arguably more harmful than almost any other injury a person can suffer. For most of us, vision is our greatest asset. 2,000 people suffer eye injuries at work per day in The United States – and those are just the injuries that require medical treatment. Statistics show that between 10 and 20 percent of injuries in the workplace are eye injuries. Many of these injuries occur during industrial or construction work, and, in a majority of cases, involve flying objects such as metal slivers, wood chips, dust, and cement chips that are ejected by tools, wind blown, or fall from above a worker. Some of these objects, such as nails, staples, or slivers of wood or metal penetrate the eyeball and result in a permanent loss of vision. In other cases, blunt trauma to the face can cause damage to the eyes or eye sockets. Exposure to industrial chemicals presents risks, not the least of which is the possibility of experiencing chemical burns in the eyes. For welders, UV light — AKA welder’s flash — routinely causes damage to the eyes.

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The best way to prevent such accidents, of course, is to wear protective gear when conducting work that may involve (even unintentionally) flying objects or exposure to industrial chemicals. Having improved vision, such as with the help of a LASIK doctor Washington, DC can offer, may also help to prevent eye injuries. The benefit of LASIK is that, with improved vision, workers are better able to see these flying objects and protect their eyes before it is too late. A LASIK doctor Washington, DC residents have trusted for years can provide the vision improvements that workers in construction and industrial jobs may find beneficial to their eye safety. An experienced LASIK doctor Washington, DC provides may also be helpful to those who have already suffered minor injuries to the eyes. When a worker suffers a minor eye injury, a LASIK doctor Washington, DC offers may be able to help the injured worker recover some of the vision that was impaired during the injury by allowing for sharper, better focused vision. If you have suffered an eye injury at work, or wish to have improved vision to better prevent future eye injuries, contact an experienced LASIK doctor Washington, DC has been utilizing for years.

Remember to wear protective goggles during any work that may present danger to your eyes. Your eyes are immensely important, and there is no reason to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to work in potentially hazardous environments.

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