Does Your Workers Compensation Plan Cover Dermatologist Visits?

One of the most unforgiving and unwanted injuries to contract while on the job is a skin condition. Injuries to your skin can create unpleasant side effects for you. If you think that you have been affected by a skin condition as the result of a work-related injury, you should contact a Washington, DC area dermatologist. Skin conditions can affect … Read More

What Are My Rights in the Workplace as an Immigrant?

As an immigrant you have to jump meet certain legal requirements to even obtain employment in the United States. Not anyone who comes to the United States from a foreign country can simply find a job they want and start working. Immigrants to the United States need citizenship, a green card, or one of multiple types of visas authorizing their … Read More

Domestic Abuse and Divorce Law

Domestic violence is inexcusable, yet abusive relationships are pervasive in the United Staets. If you have recently been the victim of domestic violence, or if you feel that you feel as though you are in an abusive relationship, you may be considering potential actions to remove yourself from your harmful circumstance. If you were the recent … Read More

What to do When You Get Hurt at Work

For many workers like you,  getting injured on the job is a legitimate issue to worry about. Even if your job does not involve intensive heavy labor, an accident that might leave you permanently changed can occur at any place of work. There are a variety of workplace injuries which you may encounter while on the job, and we have listed just a few … Read More

Workplace Safety is About Feeling Safe Too

Feeling secure about the working conditions of your job is an important aspect of workplace safety. Your thoughts and feelings about your work environment are an important part of your performance, and can set you up to avoid or encounter workplace accidents. If you feel anxious, insecure, or threatened about an aspect of your job, but you are … Read More

Stay Safe at Work By Treating Your Allergies

The Affordable Care Act has made medical treatment available to more workers than ever in the United States. That means that workers who may be suffering from medical concerns can finally receive treatment for their issues. However, one aspect of your health that you may have been neglecting to consider was your allergies. You may suffer from … Read More

Why Real Estate Companies Value Safety too!

Insurance companies are some of the most important players in financial markets. Insurance is available for many activities that people engage in, from automotive insurance for owning and operating a vehicle to zoning insurance for real estate companies who purchase property which may not function in ways that accord with the local classification … Read More

Staying Safe at the Dental Office

Whether you’re working for a dentist in the Dublin CA area or elsewhere, and whether you’re working for them as an employee or on contract, there are a variety of measures you should take to make sure that you avoid an unwanted accident or emergency. A Dublin CA dentist office can be a great place to work, but one of the most important ways to do … Read More

In Case You Get Hurt at Work, Know Your Rights

  As we’ve discussed on this site, your employer has a legal obligation to make sure that you work in a reasonably safe environment. Despite their legal requirement, many workplaces fail to properly ensure that their employees are working in a reasonably safe environment. Likewise, employees can do things to make their work environments … Read More

Where To Get Help Developing A Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace violence is an issue for every type of workplace, from healthcare workers to shift supervisors at the local convenience store; however, there are many business owners and managers that do not realize the responsibility for preventing workplace violence rests on the employer. The main issue for employees is the absence of an effective … Read More

The Importance of Non-Discrimination: Law Firm Against Domestic Violence

The effects of domestic violence do not often remain in the home.  Typically, the trauma and danger that a victim experiences will carry on into the workplace, making things tense for every person involved.  Even in these experiences, our law firms associated with the Safe at Work Coalition approach the situation with compassion.  It’s of the … Read More

Law Firm Employees Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible and traumatizing issue that causes strife for every family member involved.  To those outside the family, said violence can be obvious or practically indistinguishable.    Many victims suffering from domestic violence remain silent; afraid to further the drama and terror they face in their homes. Sometimes the … Read More

The Work Impacts of Domestic Violence

Did you know that domestic violence has a large effect on countless American workplaces? Indeed, staggering statistics from recent studies show that domestic violence has a strong economic and subjective effect on work. It isn’t too hard to believe, but at-home violence doesn’t just affect at-home life.The work impact of domestic violence is … Read More

Domestic Violence in the Workplace –Safe At Work Coalition

It is essential for every employer to create a safe, judgment free, workplace for their employees. Nothing is more of a deterrent for an employee than feeling unsafe at the place they spend a significant amount of their time. A business cannot be successful without motivated employees and to retain them, every workplace should incorporatecreating … Read More

A Domestic Violence Policy For Any Large Or Small Business

Every company, no matter how big or small, should establish a policy dealing with domestic violence and its destructive effects on employees. Countless Americans suffer from domestic violence every year. The disastrous effects of domestic violence can have a hugely negative impact on any business. A company will undoubtedly suffer if it doesn’t … Read More