Employers Against Domestic Violence | Strong Company Culture

Behind every successful businessare the employees that keep it running. A great company has to continuously attract the best and most innovative leaders. By having a strong company culture they can do just that. A company’s culture includes the environment and satisfaction of the employees, andevery business has a company culture whether they recognize it or not.  Yet, it is those companies with outstanding cultures such as Facebook, Google, Verizon, and Salesforcethat have the most satisfied employees. When companies go the extra mile in helping shape their company culture, they establish a firm foundation and improve corporate performance.

One company with a good company culture is Salesforce, a company that deliver cloud computing solutions for businesses around the world. One tactic this company uses is having staff members collaborate by using a social media application called Chatter. Through this application, employees can compare drafts of documents, analyze data, and share ideas.

Voted as one of the top companies to work for, employees for Google have many perks.These perks include a flat management structure, free cafeteria food, and indoor swimming pools. Using a company made tool called Google-O-Meter, they receive feedback from employees by rating and voting on employee suggestions.  The company also sponsors “culture clubs” where groups of employees can come together discussing how to improve the company from within.  Through all these perks such as office space, Google attracts many young top engineers.

Going the extra mile is also apart of company culture. Google, along with Version and Liz Claiborne Inc. in 2010 combined with the National NetworkTo End Domestic Violence.  This nationwide initiative promotes safe technological practices.

Along with this, Google is creating user privacy and notification options for location-based service in order to ensure that their products can’t be used by stalkers. Google also reached out to NNEDV to make sure that no local undisclosed shelter appears in Google maps or Google street view. Through NNEDV, Verizon has been working to develop greater public awareness around technology and victim safety along with viewing product to make sure they don’t’ compromise survivors safety.

Another company, Verizon, has been recognized as a corporate leader in domestic violence awareness for over 15 years. The Verizon Foundation educates communites about the dangers of domestic violence though a documentary titled Telling Amy’s Story.

Not only has Verizon supporting efforts outside the success of the company, they have proven themselves to be a top corporate company.In the 2012 Wireless Network Quality Performance study, it was found that Verizon is consistently better than the average wireless carrier and much better than most of its competitors.

HopeLine is Verizon Wireless’ nation phone recycling program. Through this program, more than 90,000 wireless phones with about 300 million minutes of free wireless service have been distributed to domestic abuse survivors across the country.

Companies like these go out of their way to make sure the company is working effectively externally and internally. With top satisfaction and retention rates, these companies show the importance of a strong company culture when it comes to domestic violence.