Workplace Policy

Facts About Workers Compensation

We’ve discussed, at length, the importance of employees seeking compensation-- and employers assisting-- when hurt at work. We have listed many valuable resources and workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, Elizabeth NJ and other parts of the country. In difficult situations, nothing can take the place of sound legal advice from a qualified … Read More

Showing Your Employees You Care

Whether it is through an at-work injury, domestic violence, or unstable health, there are many obstacles in an employee’s life that can affect his or her wellbeing and, in turn, performance at work. We hope that employers will take a compassionate approach and understand their employees’ issues, not only for sensitivity’s sake, but also for … Read More

Where Are the Riskiest Jobs?

As we’ve discussed before on this blog, a work-related illness or injury can happen anywhere. However, there are certain jobs where danger is more inherently present. There are also geographic locations where those jobs are more popular. For example, in states such as New Jersey, you may be more likely to need workers’ compensation if you work in … Read More

What to do When You Get Hurt at Work

For many workers like you,  getting injured on the job is a legitimate issue to worry about. Even if your job does not involve intensive heavy labor, an accident that might leave you permanently changed can occur at any place of work. There are a variety of workplace injuries which you may encounter while on the job, and we have listed just a few … Read More

Workplace Safety is About Feeling Safe Too

Feeling secure about the working conditions of your job is an important aspect of workplace safety. Your thoughts and feelings about your work environment are an important part of your performance, and can set you up to avoid or encounter workplace accidents. If you feel anxious, insecure, or threatened about an aspect of your job, but you are … Read More

Staying Safe at the Dental Office

Whether you’re working for a dentist in the Dublin CA area or elsewhere, and whether you’re working for them as an employee or on contract, there are a variety of measures you should take to make sure that you avoid an unwanted accident or emergency. A Dublin CA dentist office can be a great place to work, but one of the most important ways to do … Read More

Where To Get Help Developing A Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace violence is an issue for every type of workplace, from healthcare workers to shift supervisors at the local convenience store; however, there are many business owners and managers that do not realize the responsibility for preventing workplace violence rests on the employer. The main issue for employees is the absence of an effective … Read More

Workplace Domestic Violence Policy: Where Do I Start?

One out of four women reports some type of physical abuse from their partner at least once in their lives. We know that you’re a company that respects and cares about your workers needs, but did you know employees that experience domestic violence could hurt your company as well? If you have no policy for domestic violence victims, be aware. It can … Read More

Workplace Safety: The Legal Implications

With over 4,000 workers killed while on the job in 2012, workplace safety is an important issue. Having a non-dangerous work environment is important for the safety of employees and the standing of the company. When workplace safety is not considered a significant factor in a project, everyone involved faces a big risk.The employees, employers, and … Read More

Guidelines Before Creating A Company Domestic Violence Policy

A successful company should not be fully assessed by the bottom-line of their books. A successful company is a business that is not only profitable, but that is a vital part of a community. Every company should work to establish a caring and safe work environment for its employees and the community around it. One way to establish a safe … Read More

A Domestic Violence Policy For Any Large Or Small Business

Every company, no matter how big or small, should establish a policy dealing with domestic violence and its destructive effects on employees. Countless Americans suffer from domestic violence every year. The disastrous effects of domestic violence can have a hugely negative impact on any business. A company will undoubtedly suffer if it doesn’t … Read More